Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kerrzy’s Notebook: 15 Minutes of Fame

It was a big weekend for Geoff Driscoll and I as “15 Minutes of Fame” went live at the Beer Hunter Bar & Grill on the west end on Saturday for the Any Sport Any Time Hotstove!

Usually our format consists of the two of us going back and forth about what’s happening in the world of sports, but since we had so much time to fill this weekend we decided to bring along some friends! Our guests on the night included national champion trapshooter Amanda Chudoba (who accepted our challenge to shoot an apple off of Geoff’s head with a Nerf gun), four members of the Oil City Derby Girls and, last but certainly not least, Kyle Koch, Gord Hinse and Patrick Kabongo of the Edmonton Eskimos!

Check it out:

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For last week's episode, click here. Thanks for watching!

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