Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NHL/MMA, NASCAR Scuffles, Pacquiao Rhode

Still Got It!

Former NHL enforcer Donald Brashear needed just 21 seconds to put his stamp on Canadian mixed martial arts this past weekend.

The 39-year-old made his debut for Ringside MMA in Quebec City and put an absolute hurting on his opponent, Mathieu Bergeron, who was also apparently a rookie. From the start of the fight, Brashear is on the attack, knocking Bergeron down almost instantly before pounding away from above until the ref decides to intervene.

The fight didn’t last long, but I think it cleared a few things up for those of us wondering what Brashear had to offer – it looks like the guy can still move, and it looks like he can still throw a mean punch. If a guy like Brashear is able to get a good position on you and has a chance to thump you with a couple of good shots while your guard is down, you might not pull through!

See what I mean?

Now that he has fought another newbie, I’m kind of interested to see how he might do against someone a little better! He says he doesn’t see himself getting into something like jiu-jitsu though, so I don’t see him going too far into this line of work. Still, it’s fun to see more and more athletes giving MMA a shot!

Busch League

Things got heated at the Kansas Speedway last weekend and tempers eventually boiled over into a good old fashioned donnybrook…but it’s probably not what you’re expecting!

During the cool-down lap following the trucks race, Kyle Busch gave Joey Coulter’s vehicle a little bump to let him know that he didn’t like something he did during the race. Well, Coulter drives for Richard Childress Racing and his boss was having none of that!

Reports say the 65-year-old Childress found Busch after the race, threw him in a headlock and started lowering the boom!

According to ESPN, post-race love taps aren’t out of the ordinary, but you’d have to think raging grandparents are! NASCAR announced a fine of $150,000 for Childress on Monday and they’ve said he has to stay far away from Busch for the rest of the year.

Is anyone else hoping for a Donald Brashear vs. Richard Childress match at the next Ringside MMA promotion?

Rhode to a big Pay Day

Since we’re on the topic of fighting, did you hear that Manny Pacquiao has been offered almost $65-million for a fight in Mexico next spring?

Carlos Slim, a Mexican telecommunications mogul, is putting up the money for the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter to take on rising star Saul Alvarez. Slim has dreams of watching a Pacquiao/Alvarez fight at Mexico City’s Aztec Stadium, which seats 95,000 people.

Well, the Daily Mail would like you to meet the man who stands in between Pacquiao and that major payday – 34-year-old Ryan Rhodes! The paper reports that Rhodes fancies his chances against Alvarez, who he will be fighting in his home city of Guadalajara a week from Saturday.

There’s not much going on in the world of boxing that the casual fan can get excited about, but maybe this is worth keeping an eye on!

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