Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gunners Out Of Ammo?

Just how bad did English Premier League club Arsenal play this past weekend on the road in Manchester?

They played so bad that the manager is apologizing, former players are expressing their disgust…oh, and the team is offering to put some money back in the pockets of the fans who made the 650 kilometre round-trip to support them!

If you missed it on Sunday, Manchester United completely embarrassed Arsenal at Old Trafford by a score of 8-2! To make matters worse, Arsene Wenger’s men have now dropped eight of nine points to start the 2011-12 season.

Wenger told fans he was sorry on Monday, saying, “We can only apologize and come back in our strength and desire next game.”

Is an apology good enough though?

It’s been a very tough start to the season for Arsenal supporters, between having to watch stars Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri skip town, and then seeing the team lose to two elite EPL clubs in the first three weeks. They managed to make some moves before the end of the transfer window, but it will still be a long way back from that shock defeat.

So, the “We’re Sorry” bit will have to do for now. That is, unless you were actually at Sunday’s 8-2 thrashing.

The club says it will be getting in touch with the fans who showed up and offering to cover the cost of a ticket to a future Premier League road match. Yes, Arsenal played so poorly that they’re basically offering a refund of sorts to the folks who had to sit through it!

I wonder what the team will do for the fans if they lose to Swansea City in a week and a half!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

It’s another jam-packed week on 15 Minutes of Fame, as we hit our 50th episode!

This week: Will Sidney Crosby miss time this season? Will the SJ Sharks finally get that Stanley Cup this year and is Drew Doughty going to be a holdout for the Kings? Are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers the “real deal” in the CFL? Also: Is this the Year of the Work Stoppage in pro sports?

In this week’s GABBYs: The NY Yankees, the BBC and Sir Alex, BYU, IndyCar and North Korea’s women’s World Cup team!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts: NBA Talks Scheduled, Silva Sings, Ocho Pays Fine

Do or Die for NBA?

As the NBA lockout nears its second full month, we’re getting word now that the “big wigs” from both sides will be meeting sometime next week.

That’s noteworthy for two reasons: For one, it’ll be only the second time they’ve all been face-to-face since the lockout began on July 1st. As well, if no progress is made at the meeting, it could be a sign that games will be missed as a result of this work stoppage.

NBA commissioner David Stern has said that no progress by Labor Day weekend would be bad news for the league and its players. Let’s face it – there won’t be much, if any progress at this meeting. The two sides haven’t been talking and when they do talk, it hasn’t been positive.

One thing the players (some of them, anyway) have in their favor at the moment is the fact that they can continue to make money during the lockout, whether it’s signing deals in Europe or starring in movies. Owners around the league might be in some trouble though, especially if they also own the arena their team plays in.

Bloomberg reports that, as a group, arena operators could miss out on over $1-billion worth of ticket revenue if the lockout wipes out the season. That’s big money, even when we’re talking about a group of very wealthy individuals – but will stats like that be enough to swing this deal in favor of the players?

Silva Sings for Burger King (kind of)

It’s not quite Manny Pacquiao belting out “Sometimes When We Touch,” but the UFC’s Anderson Silva is letting his singing voice be heard…

Well, he’s not actually singing, but he does pull off a hilarious lip synch for the latest Burger King ad:

In all seriousness though – look at that burger! Don’t you feel like you should go for a run or something just from looking at it?

Ochocinco Disagrees With “Dad”

Here’s an interesting one from the NFL:

Rookie Tampa linebacker Mason Foster was fined $20,000 by the league for a hit on Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco last week…but Ochocinco disagrees with the fine and says he’ll be reimbursing the rook.

Deadspin reports Ochocinco complimented Foster on the hit via his Twitter account and then later tweeted that he’d be paying the fine for him. Here’s the hit:

While we’re on the topic of football, here’s a hilarious prank that Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll played on defensive end Raheem Brock:

Brock was arrested back in June for not paying a $27 bill at a Philly nightclub. That’s a pretty good prank!

Other stuff…

Ladies and Gentlemen: Your World Championship Baby!

Henry Burris says that retweet you saw on his account was no shirt thing; Stamps say “we support you, bra.”

Golfer Jim Furyk's reaction to a mid-interview earthquake was much cooler than football player Torrey Smith's reaction.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

North American League In Trouble?

The North American Baseball League is looking shaky as it nears the end of its inaugural season, but will it fold?

While the Edmonton Capitals have had a pretty successful run so far, sitting in a tie for first place heading into the final week of the season, the same can't be said for teams like Orange County, Lake County and Maui. The problems being had by those clubs, especially the last two, has some people wondering about the future of the league itself.

The OC Flyers weren't even on the schedule at the start of the season, because they were forced to "go dark" for 2011 when they couldn't find a place to play for the year. When it comes to the Lake County Fielders and Maui Na Koa Ikaika though, the problems run much deeper than a venue.

The Fielders made headlines last month when play-by-play guy Qumar Zaman aired out the team's dirty laundry in a post-game rant that ended in him announcing his resignation from the broadcast booth. As it turned out, the owners were a little slow when it came to handing out paychecks and players weren't getting "meal money" on the road...which doesn't sound too bad, until you realize the team started the season on a six-week road trip!

The situation in Lake County turned ugly in a hurry - the coach was sacked after complaining about going months without getting paid and a bit of a protest was staged the next night, with some guys refusing to play and the interim coach using everyone else out of position. That didn't go over too well with the big wigs and Pete LaCock was fired, while 23 players were either released or traded in the following days. Lake County's problems didn't end there though...

The difference between the NABL's North and South divisions, in terms of travel expenses, is massive and that is what eventually did in the Fielders. In the North, there are teams in Hawaii, Alberta, California and Illinois, which seems a bit silly when you consider the South division resides solely in Texas (four teams) and Arizona (one team). When it came time for Lake County's third trip to Maui, which is two more than everyone else, they just couldn't afford it.

The team was forced to cancel a four-game series in Maui and the eleven-game homestand that followed was also canned, while the team tried to figure out what to do next. They are now playing a "modified schedule" to round out the season, which means they will end the year with a series against a newly-formed team called the Kenosha Kings. Apparently it's not going all that well though, as Lake County only dressed nine players for a game last week that was played in front of about 125 fans!

As for Maui, that no-show by the Fielders led to an early end to their season as well - Lake County was fined $100,000 for missing that four-game series ($25,000 per game) and the Maui brass said they couldn't "in good conscience" send the team to Illinois while they were trying to collect that money. The owners say they'll be back and are looking forward to a championship season in 2012, though I would assume that a lot has to happen between now and then for them to be back in the NABL.

With almost half of the North Division closing up shop for the season, the league was forced into making another move last week that puts its future somewhat in doubt. They have decided to cut the final week of the season and start the playoffs a week early, citing the "ongoing impact of the distressed economy." So, the season ends next Sunday and the playoffs will be expanded to a seven-game series for the Divisional Championship and the League Championship.

Will the NABL fold? I don't think so - but they do have some real challenges ahead, namely figuring out a way to cut travel costs for teams in that North Division. It just doesn't seem logical for an independent baseball league with an average attendance of about 1,700 fans per game to have a team way out in Hawaii, one down in California, two in Alberta and then one out east in Illinois...all in one division. I wonder how the travel costs in the North stack up against those in the South!

If they can rustle up some more interest in Canada and add a couple of teams, maybe they could form a Canadian division that makes a couple of trips down to the US each season. Otherwise, the league is setting itself up for failure.

What do you think: Will the NABL fold?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15 Minutes of Fame: The Eskimos fall to pieces against the BC Lions; will they be ready for the Stampeders? After the recent deaths of two NHL tough guys, is it time to think about taking fighting out of hockey? Also: Sidney Crosby isn’t ready to go yet, Chris Drury hangs ‘em up and The Hockey News predicts a last place finish for the Oilers (do you agree?).

In the GABBYs: Jim Thome, Dan Uggla, the Texas Rangers, El Clasico, Desmond Bishop and Terrelle Pryor!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random Saturday Thoughts: Esks falter, JR Does Swingers, EPL tickets skyrocket!

Eskimos: What’s Wrong?

The Edmonton Eskimos wrapped up week eight of the CFL season on Friday night with a performance that made their previous two losses look passable – a 36-1 loss to the BC Lions at Commonwealth Stadium.

Losing at home is never fun, but losing like that must really hurt. The Eskimos gave up eight sacks, Ricky Ray and Kerry Joseph combined to throw four interceptions and the team has now scored just 10 points in 11 quarters…after a 5-0 start to the season, during which time they looked like world beaters.

What the heck is wrong with the Eskimos?

For one, injuries are taking their toll on this team. You won’t hear them using it as an excuse, but when your top receivers are all hurt and you end up having to bring in three new guys before a game, you’re in trouble! Two of Ray’s interceptions on the night were attempted passes to guys he practically just met. When they lost Fred Stamps and Adarius Bowman, Jason Barnes stepped up and had two big games. Guess who got hurt next?

The other major problem right now for Edmonton is that offensive line. I don’t know how to fix the issue, but when a team gives up 18 sacks over three games, something has to be done. Eskimos GM Eric Tillman said after the loss to Montreal that the o-line reminded him of water going through a screen door – after Friday’s performance you have to think he’ll be making some more phone calls.

Ricky Ray didn’t look good on Friday night, but he’s in a tough spot right now – his main targets are all watching from the sidelines and his teammates aren’t protecting him like they should be out there.

Edmonton now has a long bye-week ahead to think about what happened against the Lions. Let’s hope they’re ready for the Stampeders on September 5th!

Roenick Does Swingers

One of the most classic scenes from the 1996 movie “Swingers” (for the hockey fans among us, anyways) is the one where Vince Vaughn’s character makes Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed while playing NHL ’93…

Well, Jeremy Roenick recently starred in a remake of that scene! Here it is, in all its glory (with some slightly NSFW language):

Isn’t that awesome?

Footy Inflation

Do you get annoyed when somebody who is older than you are starts going on and on about what they could get for a few dollars back in the good old days?

Well, if that person is a sports fan who used to go and watch a lot of games live back in the day, they’re probably telling the truth!

Take Manchester United, for example. As The Guardian's David Conn tells us, the inflation on tickets to a game at Old Trafford in the last 20 years is a whopping, mind-evaporating 700%! The crazy part is, Man U isn’t even the worst example!

Conn notes that for “Category A” games at Emirates Stadium, home of EPL side Arsenal, the cheapest ticket in the place is about $83, up from about $8 (inflation of 920%!). When it comes to season tickets for a club like Liverpool, the inflation reaches new heights: 1,108%!

Believe it or not, there was a time when regular people could afford to show up and support their local sports team on a regular basis. This piece from the Guardian is just more proof that the average fan has been completely priced out. Thank god for TV or we’d have nothing!

Other stuff…

Now that Mark Recchi is retired…he took the plunge and got his first tattoo!

Sporting Kansas City goalie Jimmy Nielsen learns to fear the bobblehead…

With the NBA lockout ongoing, have you thought of watching…Bikini Basketball?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

More “El Clasico” Drama

There’s more footy drama in Spain, after another heated meeting of the country’s top two teams!

Leo Messi scored twice for Barcelona on Wednesday in a 3-2 win over Real Madrid as his side claimed its third consecutive Spanish Supercup – but, of course, that’s not what people are talking about today!

Barca newcomer Cesc Fabregas fell victim to an ugly challenge from Madrid defender Marcelo during the 94th minute, which resulted in a second yellow for the Brazilian and kicked off a “brawl” or a “huge melee” (depending on who you ask) between the two clubs!

Now, before you get too excited, keep in mind that the phrase “bench clearing brawl” means something a little bit different when we’re talking about anything but hockey – in this case when the benches cleared, there was a lot of pushing and shoving and holding each other back, as players shouted insults back and fourth. Let’s take a look, shall we?

In all the madness, Madrid’s Mesut Ozil and Barcelona’s David Villa were both shown red cards for whatever it is they did, but coach Jose Mourinho provided us with the most memorable moment of the fracas:

If you’re wondering whether or not you saw that correctly – yes, it appears that Mourinho walks up and pinches Tito Vilanova’s ear, before walking away and grinning like a crazy person!

In the aftermath, Mourinho is downplaying the importance of the Supercopa, Barca defender Gerard Pique is accusing The Special One of “destroying Spanish football” and Fabregas says the Marcelo challenge is just part of the game. At the end of the day, it’s another fine chapter in a rivalry that is as strong as ever!

What do you think: Does hearing about rivalries like this one make you want to tune in?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Oilers Last Again?

Incase you missed it this week, The Hockey News is predicting another last place finish for the Edmonton Oilers in the 2011-12 season…but did they get it right?

The Oil are coming off a last place finish in 2010-11 (which THN called last August), but the team followed that up with a busy summer of addition and subtraction that has led to a renewed sense of optimism around the City of Champions. Could they possibly finish last in the West for a third straight year though?

Before we get into it, let’s just see how accurate the folks over at THN have been over the last two seasons:

Last year, they had four bang-on predictions in the West, three teams finished within two points or less of where they said they would end up and two more teams were one spot away (but more than two points). In the East, they had five bang-on predictions and five teams within three points of where they pegged them to be.

The 2009-10 season wasn’t as good to the gurus at THN, but it was still not a bad haul: they got five right in the West and had one team sitting a spot away from where they predicted. In the East, they had four teams within five points of where they said they would finish and one team within a spot of their prediction.

As you can see, those guys do their homework! Did they get it right when it comes to this year’s Edmonton Oilers though?

Here’s what THN has to say about the team:

“Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was added to the exciting core of youth in Edmonton, but like the Senators, the Oilers still have a couple years of bumps and bruises ahead of them. While the prospects should have fans giddy with excitement, the fact is Edmonton is buried in a deep conference full of Stanley Cup contenders, so expectations have to be tempered. Once their prospects earn some experience, the Oilers will be off and running.”

While I don’t disagree completely with that assessment, I think it’s maybe a little too early to “temper” the expectations and just assume that the Oil are going to lose to everyone in the conference!

Edmonton will once again be an extremely young team up front and a fairly young team at the back, but they’ve added some key pieces since last season who will (hopefully) end up performing well and helping improve the overall product.

The team is hoping that Andy Sutton and Cam Barker help shore up things a bit on the defensive side, while Eric Belanger should provide a boost for a team that struggled to win draws at times last year. Ben Eager and Darcy Hordichuck were brought in to keep other teams honest out there and provide the sandpaper in place of Zack Stortini and Steve MacIntyre. As well, Ryan Smyth is back with the Oilers and will play a huge role in mentoring this young group, which may include Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

It’s funny that The Hockey News mentions the “bumps and bruises” that are ahead for the Oil, because if there is one phrase that sums up the last two seasons, it’s “bumps and bruises.”

Here’s the thing: It has literally been years since the Oilers were able to remain even relatively healthy for an entire season!

For example, Ales Hemsky hasn’t played 50 games in a season since 2008-09, but is close to a point-per-game during that span when he’s healthy. On the blue line, Ryan Whitney has shown a ton of promise since coming over at the trade deadline in 2010 (38 points in 54 games), but he missed over half of last season due to injury. Rookies Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall both had productive seasons in 2010-11, but neither player made it to the 70-game mark, joining Sam Gagner on the sidelines. Sadly, there are more examples, but the point is this: nobody knows the damage a decently healthy Oilers team could end up doing!

Will the Oilers wind up in the basement suite of the West again in 2011-12? I honestly don’t think so. By that same token, I don’t think they’ll be winning the Presidents’ Trophy either this year, but I do think we could see them at least in the hunt for a playoff spot by season’s end.

What do you think: Is another last place finish in the cards for the Oil?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(The Other) Football Strike

Now that the NFL has wrapped up a long-winded work stoppage, it looks like it’s time for the other football to get in on the action!

Players in both Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A are threatening strike action over two very different issues, with the regular season set to open in both leagues over the next two weekends. In Spain, the dispute is over money, while Italy’s impending work stoppage is an old fight that has to do with player rights.

Let’s start out in La Liga, where the start of the season is being threatened by an issue that really speaks to the financial climate of the last few years, and what’s projected for the near future: ESPN reports the players want something in place so that they still get paid if a club goes into administration.

I’m not sure how often clubs in Spain are going under these days, but reports say over $5.6-million worth of player wages went unpaid in the Segunda Division last year until another strike threat led to an agreement being reached. A Different League writer David Redshaw says there’s a big meeting on Wednesday where the two sides will try to hash out a deal, though there isn’t a whole lot of optimism that it’ll get done.

Wednesday also happens to be the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Nou Camp…which is probably something you should PVR if you’re worried about the season not starting on time!

Over in Italy’s Serie A, they’re dealing with a completely different problem: the rights of first team players who become unwanted by their clubs.

A collective bargaining agreement between the players and the owners expired last summer and strikes were narrowly avoided twice during the season while the two sides tried to work something out. The main sticking point is a proposal that would give clubs the right to make an unwanted player train away from the first team or accept a transfer to another club.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that the league’s 20 captains have all signed a letter stating that they will go on strike on August 27th, the first day of the season, unless a settlement is reached before then.

In response to that, Serie A president Maurizio Beretta said they wouldn’t be bowing down to the players on this one, adding this gem of a quote that surely stoked the fire:

“The strike threat by the players is a serious and insensitive act, especially considering the general situation in the country. We mustn’t forget that we are talking about 800 players whose average wage is over one million euros per year.”

When the league starts talking like that, you know you’re in for a good fight!

The problems in soccer don’t end there either – things could get really interesting between The European Club Association and the sport’s World/European governing bodies.

Bloomberg notes that if the current memorandum of understanding between the ECA, FIFA and UEFA is allowed to expire in 2014, Europe’s top clubs will no longer be legally bound to play in the Champions League or release their players for international duty.

Tariq Panja writes that at a time when FIFA is in shambles (over a third of its executive board has been suspended or accused of wrongdoing in the past nine months), there are disputes over the number of international matches in a year, who pays for player insurance and TV contracts.

And you thought the other football was bad!

Monday, August 15, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15 Minutes of Fame: The Edmonton Eskimos drop two straight, but can they get back on track against BC? The Toronto Blue Jays get some solid contributions from a top prospect in a week where they’re accused of “stealing signs,” and a couple of former Oilers move on from the NHL for very different reasons.

In the GABBYs: Real Madrid, Oscar Pistorius, Eri Yoshida, the Lake County Fielders, the US ski team and Tiger Woods.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts: NBA Europe, Woods Buckling, McCourt snipe!

No Basketball Association

If the NBA were to read its horoscope for this month, it would probably look a little something like this:

“Much of your focus this month will be on personal possessions and whether or not they’ll still be around come the fall. Dependability and stability are key aspects when some planet lines up with some star, or something. Also: something about emotions.”

The league kicked off the lockout litigation recently by taking the players to court over certain aspects of the negotiations so far, which says to me that this thing is far from being resolved at this time and we are in for a long battle. As time passes too, we’re seeing more players becoming resigned to the fact that they should probably start looking for somewhere else to play!

The biggest mover and shaker so far has easily been Turkish club Besiktas, where the GM has been working away to build his own little temporary Miami Heat situation. They signed NJ Nets point guard Deron Williams, they’re working on getting OKC Thunder forward Kevin Durant into the mix and the Kobe Bryant rumors are still out there too, though not everyone is happy about that idea.

Then there’s Carlos Boozer, who says he “definitely” plans on playing overseas if there’s a lockout, there’s Dwyane Wade, who says he loves the game too much to not play this year, and then there’s Ron Artest

Go figure that his would be the most interesting story of the bunch – Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest is apparently in talks to play for the Cheshire Jets of the British Basketball League. Here’s where it gets fun though: his contract would include a stake in the team and “all the love in the world,” plus the team is trying to lock down some “prominent TV work” in the country to offset the other monetary shortfalls.

I know it’s tough for NBA fans to see their league crumbling before their very eyes, but won’t it be kind of fun for the rest of us to watch these guys playing all over Europe for a bit? It’ll be extra fun in Ron Artest is also starring on a British soap opera all winter!

Just Do It

Is the pressure getting to Tiger Woods?

He was once one of the most unflappable, elite athletes in the world, but major problems in his personal life and injuries in his pro life seem to have taken their toll on old Eldrick. After a 37th place finish at the Bridgestone Invitational last week in his comeback tournie, Woods made headlines at the PGA Championship on Thursday with an opening round 7-over-77!

Speaking of headlines, here’s an interesting one that may fuel speculation that he’s lost it: Nike to slash Tiger Woods’ deal in half if he fails to win US PGA Championship.

Woods has already lost his deals with Gillette, Gatorade, Accenture, AT&T, Golf Digest and Tag Heuer which has seen his yearly income drop by over $90-million. According to reports, if he goes three years without a Major win, his Nike deal (worth almost $20-million) will be sliced right down the middle. So, again I ask the question: Is the pressure getting to Tiger Woods?

Did he break under the pressure of knowing that a poor showing this weekend could cost him millions of dollars?

Euro 2012 Magic

Incase you missed it, which you probably did, Glasgow Celtic striker and Northern Ireland international Paddy McCourt scored an absolutely fantastic goal in a Euro 2012 qualifier this week (there are actually two beauties, but the crazy one happens at about the 48-second mark):

That’s why they call him “The Derry Pele” and sing “Are you Messi in disguise” when he’s on the ball!

Other stuff…

Oh deer…MLB players are using what as a steroid alternative?! Bambi.

What will be higher this year in the NFL: the number of concussions or the number of players busted for using HGH?

Do you have internet access and an Xbox? Do you live near Foxborough, Massachusetts? Chad Ochocinco would like to hear from you…

Monday, August 8, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

We’re back for another week of action on “15 Minutes of Fame,” your favorite sports video blog’s favorite sports video blog! This week, we break down the first loss of the season for the Edmonton Eskimos as well as their upcoming tilt with the Montreal Alouettes, we discuss the chances that the NHL’s NY Islanders end up skipping town & Shea Weber’s new contract, and we look at the latest spittle-suspension from the MLB.

In the GABBYs: Mark Texiera, Toronto FC, the Green Bay Packers, tennis player Bojana Jovanovski , boxer Bobby Moreno and the NBA!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts: Doughty Deal, Islanders Future, Fabian Brace

Weber Money?

While most of the focus around the NHL this summer has been on the Unrestricted Free Agents, as it normally is, it has been a very interesting journey so far on the RFA side of things.

Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber won his arbitration battle with the team this week, putting pen to paper on a one year, $7.5-million contract. It’s the biggest award ever in an arbitration hearing and it also represents a $3-million raise for the burly d-man. Weber had 16 goals and 48 points in 82 games last season and was nominated for the Norris Trophy as the league’s top defenceman, but the Preds were trying to get an arbitrator to agree that a $250,000 raise was fair…Nice try!

With Weber signed, the focus now shifts to LA Kings defenceman Drew Doughty, who is still without a contract.

Doughty is a few years younger than Weber, but his numbers are similar and his credentials are pretty much spot on – Fox Sports' Dan Rosen points out that both players have won an Olympic gold medal, both have been nominated for a Norris Trophy and both have put up at least 90 points over the past two seasons (99 for Doughty, 91 for Weber). So, does Drew Doughty deserve Shea Weber money?

It’s tough to argue against Doughty’s numbers, but my guess is that the term of the deal is what is holding this one up. The Kings probably want to lock him up for the long haul, but he is probably hoping for something more along the lines of the Steven Stamkos five-year deal.

If a contract does get signed soon, I’m interested to see how it’ll be structured – will he become the latest player to receive a massive, multi-year signing bonus?

QC Islanders?

The NY Islanders suffered a major setback this week in their bid to replace the aging Nassau Coliseum with a brand new rink, but what does that mean for the future of the team?

Islanders owner Charles Wang has tried a few times now over the past several years to get something going on the arena front, but this latest defeat could be the beginning of the end for the Long Island club. According to, Wang says he’s “disappointed” and “heartbroken” by the loss, but he isn’t giving up on the team.

Wang says he has two goals: Win a Stanley Cup, and keep the Islanders on Long Island. With a lease that expires in 2015 though, I don’t believe the team will stay put without a new building.

Meanwhile, as public infrastructure collapses in the streets in Montreal, the Quebec government says plans to build new hockey rink in Quebec City are still on! They say they have enough money to maintain, repair and inspect their infrastructure, as well build this new rink.

Could the next troubled NHL franchise end up in Quebec City in a couple of years? Absolutely. Will it be the Islanders? Seems likely, doesn’t it?

Goal of the Week!

CD Guadalajara’s Marco Fabian scored a couple of beautiful goals this week in a 4-1 win over Barcelona in Miami as part of the Herbalife World Football Challenge.

Minutes after slotting home a strike from distance early in the second half, Fabian set the place on fire with a lovely little bicycle kick that sent the ball top cheddar to make it a 2-1 game:

That goal was probably the nicest one of the week, but it wasn’t the craftiest – check out this sneaky snipe from Japan’s first division:

That’s a tough way to lose a goal!

Other stuff…

The Seattle Seahawks better hope the San Diego Chargers defensive line doesn't have Twitter

Fighting Congressman Manny Pacquiao rockets up the “Secondary Adult Contemporary” charts…Huh?

False start at the swimming World Championships = Belly Flop!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame


This week’s episode of 15 Minutes of Fame is coming at you a little later than usual, thanks to some bad timing and some technological mishaps, but it’s finally here!

This week on the show: The latest on the Edmonton Oilers arena situation and Nikolai Khabibulin’s summer in prison, plus some other talking points from around the NHL. In football news: Plenty of signings in the NFL as the lockout ends and the Edmonton Eskimos improve to 5-0 on the year.

In the GABBYs: Chris Kluwe & Tripping Icarus, Ervin Santana, the Seattle Mariners, Jerry Meals and more! Also, to make up for the lateness, a special “Behind the Scenes” feature has been added to the start of the video!

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