Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gunners Out Of Ammo?

Just how bad did English Premier League club Arsenal play this past weekend on the road in Manchester?

They played so bad that the manager is apologizing, former players are expressing their disgust…oh, and the team is offering to put some money back in the pockets of the fans who made the 650 kilometre round-trip to support them!

If you missed it on Sunday, Manchester United completely embarrassed Arsenal at Old Trafford by a score of 8-2! To make matters worse, Arsene Wenger’s men have now dropped eight of nine points to start the 2011-12 season.

Wenger told fans he was sorry on Monday, saying, “We can only apologize and come back in our strength and desire next game.”

Is an apology good enough though?

It’s been a very tough start to the season for Arsenal supporters, between having to watch stars Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri skip town, and then seeing the team lose to two elite EPL clubs in the first three weeks. They managed to make some moves before the end of the transfer window, but it will still be a long way back from that shock defeat.

So, the “We’re Sorry” bit will have to do for now. That is, unless you were actually at Sunday’s 8-2 thrashing.

The club says it will be getting in touch with the fans who showed up and offering to cover the cost of a ticket to a future Premier League road match. Yes, Arsenal played so poorly that they’re basically offering a refund of sorts to the folks who had to sit through it!

I wonder what the team will do for the fans if they lose to Swansea City in a week and a half!

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