Monday, November 28, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15 Minute of Fame: the BC Lions take the 99th Grey Cup, Sidney Crosby makes his return to the NHL, Montreal’s Max Pacioretty could be in line for a suspension, Edmonton’s Taylor Hall goes down with an injury and Sam Gagner starts to turn it around. As well, the NBA reaches a tentative deal with its players to save the season.

In the GABBYs: 15MOF hits 4K, Jerome Messam, Paul Deutsch, Brian Ching, SM-liiga and Ndamukong Suh. This week’s Punchline is Samoan rugby coach Mathew Vaea.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goals of the Week!

As we near the end of the second month of the NHL season, we’re starting to separate the men from the boys and the pretenders from the real deals out there…but regardless of that, the beauty goals keep rolling in!

This week on the GOTW, we’ve got the answer to Tampa’s defensive tactics, another alley-oop, the old “dangle & snipe,” and two of the nicest goals you’ll see all season long! Oh, and the most embarrassing thing since…well I won’t spoil it!

Let’s go!

5. Patrik Elias

Remember when the Tampa Bay Lightning were getting raked over the coals for playing the 1-3-1 system against the Philadelphia Flyers? Check out Patrik Elias’ method of getting through the clogged ice on this NJ Devils power play! Pause the video at the 35-second mark: it’s a 2-on-4, and he still scores!

4. Jonathan Toews

It wasn’t the only alley-oop of the week, but this goal by the Chicago Blackhawks certainly was the nicest! The Hawks defender flips the puck up the ice, Marian Hossa gets to it first and starts off the tic-tac-toe, which ends in Jonathan Toews putting the biscuit in the basket.

3. Lee Stempniak

When it comes to highlight reel goals, you’ve got to love the old “dangle & snipe” move – where a guy gets the puck, makes one guy look silly, and then roofs it. Tomas Fleischmann and Ilya Kovalchuk both had pretty good examples of this in the past week, but neither was nicer than what Flames forward Lee Stempniak pulled off!

2. Matt Duchene

By now, you’ve probably seen this goal by Colorado’s Matt Duchene a hundred times, but there’s nothing wrong with seeing it once more – he picks the puck up behind his body, slides it through his legs and beats Marc-Andre Fleury easily with a slick backhander. Beauty!

1. Evgeni Malkin

I almost feel like I’m stating the obvious here when I say that Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin scored the goal of the week last week, in the same game that Duchene gave us number two on the list. Gino takes a pass from James Neal and absolutely undresses one player, before making Semyon Varlamov look completely lost!

Honorable Mention: Check out this beauty fake by Simon Gagne against the Ducks for a shorthanded goal.

What the Puck?

The only play from the week that was in the NHL that may have been shown more times than the Duchene and Malkin goals was this non-goal by Nashville Predators rookie Craig Smith:

Have you ever had a worse miss than that? Don’t be shy!

Monday, November 21, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on the show we recap the weekend that was in the CFL, which included a disappointing West Final loss for the Edmonton Eskimos, and we make some predictions ahead of the Grey Cup next Sunday. Also, we take a look at a massive night for the Edmonton Oilers, the response from around the NHL over the Milan Lucic hit on Ryan Miller, the sale of the Dallas Stars and some big news from the MLB.

In the GABBYs: The Toronto Blue Jays, Mike Krzyzewski, Christine Sinclair, Columbia University, the London Rippers and Victoria Secret. This week’s Punchline is Nashville Predators rookie Craig Smith.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goals of the Week!

We’re now over a month into the new hockey season and things are starting to get really interesting in the NHL – some teams started hot and are now slumping, other teams did the opposite, while some teams just know how to win no matter what.

One constant this season though has been a multitude of dirty dangles and beauty goals, and last week was no exception! This week’s GOTW journey starts with some nice hands on a giveaway and ends with a superman snipe. Are you ready to go?

5. Troy Brouwer

Checking in at number five this week is Washington’s Troy Brouwer, who kicked things off against the Devils last Saturday by stealing the puck and beating Johan Hedberg with a nice move.

4. Brad Marchand

Love him or hate him, Brad Marchand can certainly score highlight reel goals when called upon. Check out this goal from Saturday night: Tyler Seguin hits him with a pass in the slot, he stickhandles through a check and then roofs it on Jhonas Enroth.

3. Michael Ryder

At number three this week is Dallas Stars forward Michael Ryder, who made Washington goalie MIchal Neuvirth look silly last Tuesday. Ryder took a pass from Jamie Benn and just waited Neuvirth out, before sliding the puck into the net.

2. Steve Montador

Chicago defenceman Steve Montador features high on my list this week not just for his beauty goal, but for what he did before it as well. Montador saved a sure goal at one end of the ice, followed his teammates to the other end and then put the moves on Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin for the 2-0 Hawks lead.

1. Eric Nystrom

We’ve seen some pretty filthy stuff in the GOTW so far, but how can you not give top marks to a guy who scores while he’s airborne? Dallas’ Eric Nystrom did just that last Tuesday, streaking down the right wing and cutting to the middle, sniping while his entire body was parallel to the ice. Beauty!

What the Puck?

If you’re looking for a bizarre story from the NHL this past week, look no further than a game between Tampa Bay and Philly, where the Flyers were having no part of the Bolts 1-3-1 system:

The debate raged on for a couple of days over whether or not the Bolts should be allowed to play the 1-3-1, but eventually tapered off after the Lucic hit on Miller. Instead of trying to outlaw it though, shouldn’t it be up to the Flyers to find a way through it? What do you think?

Monday, November 14, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15 Minutes of Fame: the Edmonton Eskimos are off to the CFL’s West Final after a dominating performance against the Calgary Stampeders, but can they beat the Lions? On the ice – we look into the 1-3-1 controversy and the Milan Lucic hit on Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. As well, the UFC makes its debut on FOX and in boxing, Manny Pacquiao wins a close (and controversial) one over Juan Manuel Marquez.

In the GABBYs: Albert Haynesworth, Garrett McNamara, Wilson Ramos, Andrei Nazarov, Penn State, and Shawn Bradley. This week’s Punchline is John Daly!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goals of the Week!

The young guys dominate this latest round of the Goals of the Week, after another solid set of games and ginos!

As we hit the one-month mark of the season, we’ve got some more nice goals for you, including a rocket snipe, a nice d-man dangle, some breakaway gold and a bit of puck-on-a-string type magic. This week’s “What the Puck” moment was an absolute no-brainer – can you guess what it was?

Here we go!

5. Michael Del Zotto

The Rangers defenceman comes in at number five this time around, capping off a nice transition play by taking a pass in the slot and sliding the puck past a sprawling Carey Price.

4. Scott Hartnell

In the four-spot this week is Philly’s Scott Hartnell, who went SO shelf with a slap shot from down the wing last week that you had to see a replay to be sure that it went in. You simply can’t place it any better than that!

3. Jeff Skinner

Check out the sick give-and-go between Jussi Jokinen and Jeff Skinner on a 2-on-3 in a game between the Canes and Bolts – Skinner is spun around just inside the blue line but feeds Jokinen, who somehow gets it back to him for the goal. Beauty!

2. Chris Higgins

Anytime you can absolutely freeze a goalie like Miikka Kiprusoff, you’ve probably earned a spot on the GOTW list, and that’s exactly what Vancouver’s Chris Higgins did last week. He makes Kipper look silly with a forehand fake and a backhand roof job!

1. Matt Duchene

Colorado’s Matt Duchene scored his first career hat trick this past week, which was rounded out by this filthy dangle around a Dallas defenceman for the third period lead. They ended up losing in OT, but still – it was a pretty slick goal!

Honorable Mention: A nifty passing play between Nick Foligno and Stephane Da Costa.

What the Puck?

As soon as I saw this happening, I knew I had a place for it – Cal Clutterbuck and Max Lapierre were mixing it up last week, and the Minnesota hit machine ended up decking the linesman a couple of times!

Credit to the zebra there – he stayed on his feet!

Monday, November 7, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15 Minutes of Fame: the Edmonton Eskimos get set to face the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL’s West Division semi-final, we break down the first month of the season for the Edmonton Oilers (and a couple of other storylines from around the NHL) and we look into the NBA labour situation.

In the GABBYs: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Ryujiro Ueda, Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather Jr., Iranian soccer, Andy Murray and the IABA. This week’s Punchline is Nickelback!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

How the Esks Will Win it All

For the first time since 2004, the Edmonton Eskimos will feature in some CFL playoff action at Commonwealth Stadium in the coming weeks.

As I write this, we don’t know if it will be the West division semi-final next Sunday, or the West final the following weekend (or both), but what we do know is that they’ve got a chance to go the distance and bring home some hardware.

The Eskimos rounded out the regular season with a 23-20 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Friday night, but the score doesn’t really tell the full story. They built up a solid 10-point lead, squandered it in the fourth quarter and managed a last-minute field goal for the win.

The Esks have looked good, they’ve looked unbeatable, they’ve looked bad and they’ve looked terrible at different points this season, sometimes all in one game, but at this point it all just comes down to wins and losses. One school of thought would have fans worried heading into the playoffs, because the team should have put the game away when they had the chance. The other is smiling and enjoying the fact that they were able to make some plays and get the win, which is all that really matters.

So, can the Edmonton Eskimos be the team that lifts the Grey Cup on November 27th?

On offence, the Eskimos have all the tools they need – Adarius Bowman racked up 226 yards receiving on Friday night to join Fred Stamps in the 1,000 yard club and they’ve got the best Canadian running back in the game right now in Jerome Messam (who can also make catches and move the chains that way). If Ricky Ray is able to keep a solid mix of passing plays and running plays, and his offensive line gives him time to execute, they could really do some damage.

On the defensive side, as long as they’re not on the field constantly, the Esks are just as good as anyone else out there at shutting down the opposition.

The one glaring weakness that I can see in Edmonton’s game is when it comes to kicking field goals – Damon Duval missed eleven times this season for a FG percentage of 67.6 (though Derek Schiavone was 16-of-19).

Vague as it may sound, that’s all there is to it. We’re not talking about another 18 games – we’re talking about eight, maybe 12 more quarters of football.

If the Eskimos are going to go all the way, they’re going to need Bowman and Stamps to be major threats out there on the field as they have been in some of Edmonton’s finer moments this season. If Bowman plays like he did on Friday – making huge catches and making guys miss every time he got his mitts on the ball – it’s going to be a fun couple of weeks in the city. By that same token, the Esks need Messam to be at his best as well. When he’s running the ball well, it’s rare that the club doesn’t come out on top, and that’s a stat that is hard to ignore.

The Edmonton Eskimos have already gone from worst to first – can they be the best? What do you think?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goals of the Week!

It takes a special snipe to make my Goals of the Week list, and it came down to a lot of nifty special teams action this time around!

Yes, it’s a power play heavy edition of the GOTW, featuring the Penguin who can’t stop scoring, a couple of beauties from the biggest surprise of the new season, a sweet passing play from the Island and one even-strength goal…can you guess which one?

Let’s go!

5. James Neal

Kicking things off is James Neal – the way the Penguins move the puck around on this PP, it looks like the thing is bouncing around a pinball machine!

4. Cam Barker

Oilers defenceman Cam Barker promised us some points if he was able to get some power play time in Edmonton…and if he can do stuff like this each week, I think he’ll be getting plenty of it!

3. Taylor Hall

A big part of Edmonton’s success so far has been the play of “the kids” up front – check out this slick bang-bang play between Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall in a win over the Washington Capitals last week!

2. Michael Grabner

Another team with a lot of young talent is the New York Islanders, and it looks like things might finally be coming together over on Long Island. Here’s a prime example – just seconds into a man advantage, Frans Nielsen brings the puck into the Sharks end and feeds Kyle Okposo, who hits a streaking Michael Grabner for a beauty goal!

1. Marian Hossa

Of all the goals scored in the NHL over the past week, none were as pretty as this one – check out the moves by Patrick Kane as he spins at full speed and finds Marian Hossa through a maze of players for the gino!

What the Puck?

Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron earned a unique hat trick in mere seconds this week in a game against the Montreal Canadiens.

Bergeron broke his stick, face planted and was credited with a goal, all within about a second of the ref dropping the puck on a Bruins power play:

Luckily for Carey Price, his Habs managed to come back and win this one!