Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goals of the Week!

As we near the end of the second month of the NHL season, we’re starting to separate the men from the boys and the pretenders from the real deals out there…but regardless of that, the beauty goals keep rolling in!

This week on the GOTW, we’ve got the answer to Tampa’s defensive tactics, another alley-oop, the old “dangle & snipe,” and two of the nicest goals you’ll see all season long! Oh, and the most embarrassing thing since…well I won’t spoil it!

Let’s go!

5. Patrik Elias

Remember when the Tampa Bay Lightning were getting raked over the coals for playing the 1-3-1 system against the Philadelphia Flyers? Check out Patrik Elias’ method of getting through the clogged ice on this NJ Devils power play! Pause the video at the 35-second mark: it’s a 2-on-4, and he still scores!

4. Jonathan Toews

It wasn’t the only alley-oop of the week, but this goal by the Chicago Blackhawks certainly was the nicest! The Hawks defender flips the puck up the ice, Marian Hossa gets to it first and starts off the tic-tac-toe, which ends in Jonathan Toews putting the biscuit in the basket.

3. Lee Stempniak

When it comes to highlight reel goals, you’ve got to love the old “dangle & snipe” move – where a guy gets the puck, makes one guy look silly, and then roofs it. Tomas Fleischmann and Ilya Kovalchuk both had pretty good examples of this in the past week, but neither was nicer than what Flames forward Lee Stempniak pulled off!

2. Matt Duchene

By now, you’ve probably seen this goal by Colorado’s Matt Duchene a hundred times, but there’s nothing wrong with seeing it once more – he picks the puck up behind his body, slides it through his legs and beats Marc-Andre Fleury easily with a slick backhander. Beauty!

1. Evgeni Malkin

I almost feel like I’m stating the obvious here when I say that Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin scored the goal of the week last week, in the same game that Duchene gave us number two on the list. Gino takes a pass from James Neal and absolutely undresses one player, before making Semyon Varlamov look completely lost!

Honorable Mention: Check out this beauty fake by Simon Gagne against the Ducks for a shorthanded goal.

What the Puck?

The only play from the week that was in the NHL that may have been shown more times than the Duchene and Malkin goals was this non-goal by Nashville Predators rookie Craig Smith:

Have you ever had a worse miss than that? Don’t be shy!

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