Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goals of the Week!

The All-Star break didn’t leave us with many games around the NHL last week, but there was no shortage of highlight reel action before the players parted ways for a few days!

Since it would be a shame to put a goal from the no-defence All-Star game, as nice as it may have been, ahead of a beauty goal that happened with real points on the line, this edition of the GOTW won’t feature anything from this weekend. Here’s what I’ve got for you though: a penalty shot snipe, an incredible fake on a great goalie, a couple of unreal backhanders and a solid individual effort!

Let’s go!

5. Trevor Lewis

I’m not normally a fan of putting penalty shot goals on the list, but this dangle from LA’s Trevor Lewis is definitely worth another look. Sens fans might argue it shouldn’t count, because it shouldn’t have been a penalty shot, but there’s no doubt that Lewis made Craig Anderson look a bit silly with a couple of sweet fakes.

4. Patrik Berglund

At first glance, this Patrik Berglund goal might not look like anything special, but look again! Check out the hands on the Blues forward and check out the reaction of Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury as he totally bites on the fake to the middle. Superb stuff!

3. Rick Nash

Columbus Blue Jackets forward Rick Nash is a guy we haven’t seen much of this season in terms of dynamite goals, but he gave us a glance of his old self this week against the Nashville Predators. Nash picks the puck up at the blue line and drives to the net, stuffing it past Pekka Rinne with two defenders in hot pursuit.

2. Tyler Seguin

Checking in at number two this week is Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin – he creates a turnover in the Washington end and makes the Capitals pay with a slick backhander into the top corner. Beauty!

1. Pavel Datsyuk

Detroit Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk is easily one of the most skilled players in the NHL right now, and that is on full display in this goal against the St. Louis Blues. He makes Alex Pietrangelo look silly with a couple of sweet moves and then rifles a backhand shot over the shoulder of Jaroslav Halak for an unreal goal.

What the Puck?

This week’s WTP moment comes to us from a game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins – watch as a pane of glass almost takes the ref out of the game!

That could have been much worse!

Monday, January 30, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15 Minutes of Fame, we give a passing grade to the NHL’s All-Star Weekend, touch on Tim Thomas’ decision to skip his team’s White House visit and discuss the biggest surprises in the league at the All-Star break. As well: we give out our Super Bowl predictions and comment on a couple of massive MLB contracts!

In the GABBYs: The Canadian women’s soccer team, US Senator John Kerry, Jay Cutler, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Kyle Williams and Scott Gomez. The Punchline this week is Minnesota Vikings kicker Chris Kluwe!

See something you think should be a GABBY? You can get a hold of us on Twitter @15MinutesYEG, “Like” us on Facebook or shoot us an email at 15MinutesYEG@gmail.com!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

When Sports Go Viral

Say what you will about the internet, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to viral videos!

Don’t believe me? Fine. Be that way.

For those of you who are picking up what I’m throwing down though, I’ve got another batch of delicious internet awesomeness for you to check out. This week in “When Sports Go Viral,” we’ve got a couple of pro athletes goofing off, an interesting dangle from the KHL’s All-Star weekend and a highlight from the support staff!

Let’s start with the latest viral video from Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash – not content with playing in the NBA, Nash is apparently trying to convince ESPN to let him enter the Real Snow snowboard competition.

Check out Nash debuting The Corn Chopper:

Speaking of goofy pro athletes, have you seen the latest video from pro golfer Ben Crane?

It turns out that golf wasn’t his first love...

It’s All-Star weekend in the NHL, which means another edition of the Skills Competition. Do you think we’ll see anything as creative as this dangle from Vladimir Tarasenko at the KHL Skills Contest?

Have you been watching the Australian Open? If not, there is one highlight you need to see from the recent tilt between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer:

What a snag!

Is there a viral video you’d like to see featured here? Leave me a comment below!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goals of the Week!

I thought it couldn’t get any better around the NHL, but the third week of 2012 was absolutely dynamite when it comes to beauty goals!

In this edition of the GOTW, we’ve got a hard working dangle from the Blues, two insane shorthanded goals, a lovely power play effort and a memorable goal from a young Oiler.

Let’s go!

5. TJ Oshie

The St. Louis Blues have become a powerhouse in the NHL’s Western Conference, not just in terms of sheer size, but also thanks to beauty goals like this one from TJ Oshie. He comes in 2-on-3 with David Perron, takes a pass in front with a defenceman all over him and pulls a nice move on Kari Lehtonen to score.

4. Anton Lander

There’s no hiding the fact that it’s been a tough stretch for the Edmonton Oilers, but there have been some highlights sprinkled in there along the way. Check out this goal from rookie Anton Lander – he busts into the Columbus zone, protects the puck and slides it past Curtis Sanford like a seasoned vet!

3. Jiri Tlusty

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Carolina Hurricanes forward Jiri Tlusty! Watch as Tlusty burns a Capitals defenceman down the right wing, cuts to the middle of the ice and avoids the outstretched leg of Tomas Vokoun to score a diving goal!

2. Logan Couture

Checking in at number two this week is San Jose Sharks forward Logan Couture – check out the hands on this shorthanded tally against the Vancouver Canucks from last Saturday. What a move to send Roberto Luongo the wrong way!

1. Dan Paille

The number one goal from the week that was in the NHL is also a shorthanded marker – this one off the stick of Boston’s Dan Paille. He is so calm as he skates in on the breakaway that he stops pumping his legs at the blue line, and he makes a dazzling move look easy. Watch him fake forehand, pull it backhand and rip it into the upper mesh. Beauty!

What the Puck?

Struggling Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is the star of our WTP section this week, for this insane save on Winnipeg’s Tanner Glass:

If only he could do that type of stuff a little more often!

Monday, January 23, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Tuesday!

This week on the show we talk about the latest on Sidney Crosby’s concussion issues and some other injury notes from around the NHL, including another bad break for Washington’s Mike Green and a close call for Edmonton’s Taylor Hall. As well, we discuss a couple of high profile deaths from around the world of sports.

In the GABBYs: Alex Ovechkin, Terrell Owens, Shaueel van Persie, Manny Ramirez, Trinity College and the Baltimore Ravens. The Punchline this week is Rob Lowe!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

When Sports Go Viral

In this day in age, there’s really nothing better than a good viral video, right?

While that statement might not be entirely true, it’s no secret that internet-dwelling humans love watching random stuff from random corners of the internet! This week on “When Sports Go Viral,” I’ve got highlights, lowlights, a strange Japanese game show and some cute kids!

Are you ready?

We’re going to start this week with something rarely, or perhaps never, seen in hockey: the double one-timer!

Two University of Western Michigan Broncos players line up along the blue line and when a teammate sends a pass their way, they both go for the one-timer, leaving the goalie to guess where it’s coming from. Classic!

Speaking of trick plays on the ice, check out this lacrosse-style goal from 19-year-old Dominic Lammer of the Swiss league. Also: check out how ridiculous the referees in that league look!

Usually when you make a sweet play you don’t expect to be benched for it, but that’s exactly what happened to JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards last week.

The Wiz are a pathetic 2-12 to start the season, so coach Flip Saunders wasn’t too impressed when McGee gave himself an alley-oop off the backboard in a loss to the Rockets:

Now, to the weird world of Japanese game shows – I don’t know the context of this video, but it stars former Glasgow Celtic midfielder Shunsuke Nakamura and a bus full of people.

Nakamura, who is known as a bit of a free kick specialist, is tasked with trying to kick a ball through the window of a bus as it passes by:

Finally: I promised you all some cute kids off the top, so here you go: The NY Knicks Kid Reporters:

Have you got a funny viral video you’d like to see featured? Leave me a comment below!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goals of the Week!

Well, it finally feels like winter in Edmonton, which means I had absolutely no issues with staying inside and checking out a week’s worth of hockey highlights for the latest edition of the GOTW!

This week starts with a nice breakaway from a guy who doesn’t score often, followed by a couple of beauty goals from a couple of recent top draft picks, a dazzling fake clapper and a diving Gino.

Let’s go!

5. Nate Thompson

He’s only got about four goals on the season, but it’s quality over quantity when you’re dealing with Nate Thompson! Check out the hands as he breaks in all by himself and freezes Cam Ward with some nifty moves.

4. Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin checks in at number four on the list for this goal against the Winnipeg Jets – he takes the pass from Patrice Bergeron, protects the puck as he cuts to the middle and then roofs it backhand. Beauty!

3. Taylor Hall

The Edmonton Oilers have endured some serious struggles as of late, but Taylor Hall gave the fans something to cheer about on the weekend with this overtime winner. Check out the wicked no-look pass from Shawn Horcoff!

2. Jason Spezza

The number two goal this week comes to us from Ottawa Senators sniper Jason Spezza – watch as he fakes a slap shot and then tucks it in on Brent Johnson from behind the net. That takes some serious skill!

1. Evgeni Malkin

With no Sidney Crosby in the lineup, Evgeni Malkin is taking his game to new heights for the Pittsburgh Penguins right now. This goal here was part of a natural hat trick in a win over the Lightning, and it couldn’t have been nicer!

What the Puck?

It’s not every day that a couple of guys with 16 fighting majors between them each get a penalty shot in a game, but that’s exactly what happened last Tuesday when the Jets played the Bruins!

After Winnipeg’s Chris Thorburn missed his attempt, Boston tough guy Shawn Thornton scored a beauty!

They should move him up to the first line with hands like that!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hall Suffers Freak Injury

I think it’s time that the Edmonton Oilers invested in some bug spray – particularly, the type that keeps that pesky “injury bug” away.

Over the past couple of seasons, the Oil have developed a reputation of being a team that has just dreadful luck when it comes to players getting hurt. I think they may have reached a new low in that category in 2012 though, and if you don’t believe me, take the last couple of weeks as a prime set of examples!

It’s no secret that the hopes and dreams of Oilers fans sit squarely on the shoulders of three players: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall. Well, all three of those players are hurt right now, the result of “freak” injuries.

Nugent-Hopkins will miss a month with a shoulder injury suffered on January 2nd, when he tripped over the blue line and slammed awkwardly into the boards. Eberle sprained his knee when he got kind of tied up, away from the play, with Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn on January 7th…and as for Taylor Hall, well, you’ve got to see this one to believe it.

Hall suffered a deep cut to the face on Tuesday night in Columbus when he slipped on a puck during warm-ups, took out teammate Ladislav Smid and ended up getting stepped on by Corey Potter along the boards:

Have you ever seen a team so ravaged by strange injuries? They say that bad things come in threes – hopefully that’s the end of it for the Oilers!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Should Crosby Risk It?

As his team sits near the cut line in the Eastern Conference, Sidney Crosby is doing whatever he can to shake his “concussion-like” symptoms.

The Pittsburgh Penguins announced on Monday that their captain would be going back to see his chiropractic neurologist this week, in what seems like an almost last-ditch effort to get healthy and get back on the ice. The Pens enlisted the services of Ted Carrick last fall to help Crosby recover, though according to NHL.com, the field of chiropractic neurology is somewhat controversial and unorthodox.

After missing almost 11 months with a concussion, Crosby has been out since a December 5th meeting with the Boston Bruins where he took a couple of bumps and his symptoms popped back up. That was game number eight of his long-awaited return, and while he was great during that time (two goals, 12 points), it didn’t seem to take much to put him back out.

So, the question is: Should Sidney Crosby risk a return this season?

I’ve heard from a couple of brain injury experts that a player with a concussion isn’t necessarily more susceptible to the injury, as long as they are completely symptom-free when they get back onto the ice. I didn’t see a big hit that put Crosby out again, and the team isn’t calling his latest bout with the symptoms a new concussion, so what happened?

Either way, it just doesn’t look good.

As I write this, the 24-year-old is on his way to missing a 17th straight game and there is still no timetable for his return. Yes, he’s been skating a bit lately, but it’s also been over a month since a nondescript hit put him back on the IR and he’s still got issues.

Once again – should Crosby risk a return this season?

Initially, the hockey community collectively cringed at the thought of Sid the Kid coming back and getting blasted right away, but it didn’t happen. In fact, he came back and tore apart the NY Islanders with two goals and four points, much to the surprise of a lot of people.

Soon enough though, it happened.

What should the Pittsburgh Penguins do in this situation? Do they wait for him to get the green light, throw him back in the lineup and cross their fingers? Do they hold him out for an extra week or so to make entirely sure that he is okay, then let him give it a whirl?

Or, do they shut him down for the season and hope to god he is back to his normal self come September?

It’s a tough call, but I think they have to set a deadline and make the decision. Obviously Sidney Crosby wants to be out there playing hockey and earning that $9-million salary, but there is a lot at stake for him here too.

For one, he’s got to think about his future in the league – he has one year left with the Pens and then he’s a UFA. If he is constantly battling concussion issues between now and then, the team would really have to think twice about that next contract. If he’s able to heal up by next season, that makes things a whole lot easier for both parties.

The scary part is how little we know about concussions and what they can do to a person, especially when you’re looking at a case where the symptoms stick around for as long as they have. I think the Pens really have to err on the side of caution here, for everyone’s sake.

What do you think: Should the Pittsburgh Penguins consider shutting Sidney Crosby down for the season?

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on the show we break down the Mike Cammalleri trade, we discuss the Jordan Eberle All-Star “snub” and we try to figure out what is wrong with the Edmonton Oilers. Also: Will we ever see a fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao?

In the GABBYs: Leo Messi, Tim Tebow, Thierry Henry, Rick DiPietro, Josh Blanchard and the Jacksonville Jaguars. This week’s Punchline is Dustin Penner!

See something you think should be a GABBY? You can get a hold of us on Twitter @15MinutesYEG, “Like” us on Facebook or shoot us an email at 15MinutesYEG@gmail.com!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Summit Series Pt. 2?

It’s times like these that I wish that Wayne Gretzky were the Prime Minister of Canada.

Sure, he might not be great at balancing budgets or tackling the socio-economic issues facing the country, but he’d probably get the hang of it. At the very least, it would ensure another win for Canada if the rumors about another Summit Series are true!

This September marks the 40th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union, and there will apparently be some kind of month-long celebration of the Cold War clash between the two nations. As part of that celebration, the Toronto Star reported this week that Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be facing off against Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a couple of exhibition games, which the PMO quickly denied.

Sounds cool, right?

Well…it would be, if we were talking about leaders like Wayne Gretzky and Vladislav Tretiak, or Joe Thornton and Pavel Datsyuk! Instead, we’re talking about a Canadian who dropped out of hockey in his early teens and a Russian who only just recently picked up the sport.

I’m not sure who else would be on the rosters if these games did end up happening, but who would even want to see that? If you don’t believe me that this game would be brutal to watch, check out this hilarious video of Putin doing his thing:

What do you think: How should we commemorate the anniversary of the Summit Series?

(Hat tip to YouTube’s WeatherWiseCDC for the video)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Sports Go Viral

When it comes to sports and the internet, sometimes the only thing better than an amazing [insert sport here] highlight is a goofy video!

It’s not always pro athletes trying to be funny either – sometimes it’s a terrible blooper or an ugly fall, occasionally a team mascot might be involved and other times, a popular “trend” may pop up where you least expect it.

Take the act of “Tebowing,” for example.

Ever since quarterback Tim Tebow took over in Denver, “Tebowing” has become an incredibly popular thing to do. The Broncos pivot is deeply religious, you see, and he routinely takes a knee to throw up a prayer, unmoved by anything that is happening around him.

When I say it’s become a popular thing to do, I’m not kidding! The internet is now full of “Tebowers,” and that trend has even made it to semi-pro and pro hockey. My pal Adam Chorneyko threw down a “Tebow” after potting a goal for the ECHL’s Colorado Eagles back in November, and it happened again this week in the NHL:

I mentioned earlier that sometimes mascots get in on the action – check out this video featuring Rocky the Mountain Lion of the Denver Nuggets.

He’s trying to hit a shot from half court, facing the wrong way, and it’s not going well. That is, until he finally takes a knee in a Tim Tebow jersey…and he hits it (skip ahead to 1:30)!

Still with the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks continued what has become a great tradition in pro sports last week.

That would be the tradition wherein pro athletes are given the chance to flex their comedic muscles for a cheesy video that pops up somewhere on the team website!

Check out Dirk Nowitzki starring in “A Dramatic Reading: Oops! I Did It Again!”

I hope the Mavs video guy is saving all of the bloopers from this series!

Finally, no “When Sports Go Viral” post would be complete without some bloopers!

Let’s start with a terrible mistake by Real Sociedad goalie Enaut Zubikarai in a 6-1 Copa Del Rey loss to Mallorca. Zubikarai loses track of who is where on the field and he pays for it!

As bad as that goal was, it’s definitely more embarrassing when you totally mess up in an individual sport, because you’re all by yourself!

Just ask professional bowler Josh Blanchard, who recently took a spill during a World Championship qualifier in Las Vegas:

What are the odds of that?


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals of the Week!

What a week it was in the NHL last week – there was the outdoor game, there were some big time blowouts and some tight match ups, all of which produced a lot of high quality tape for me to go through!

It took some time, but I managed to narrow it down to five beauty goals from the week that was in the league – this time around we’ve got a sick behind the back pass, a super-efficient power play, a solid breakaway on a legendary netminder, an unreal shorty and some dangles you’ll have to see twice to believe!

Let’s go!

5. Patrick Marleau

Sharks forward Patrick Marleau is the one who bats this puck in, but it’s all about the slick no-look pass by Joe Thornton in front of the Capitals net. Beauty!

4. Dainius Zubrus

This NJ Devils power play looks to be going nowhere in the first few seconds of the video, but after four quick passes, the puck is in the net and Dainius Zubrus is celebrating a sick goal!

3. Patrice Bergeron

Is it just me, or is Patrice Bergeron absolutely money on a breakaway? We’ve seen this move before on the GOTW, but it never gets old – watch him freeze Martin Brodeur with his “bread and butter” dangle.

2. Bobby Ryan

The GM of the Anaheim Ducks recently came out and said that pretty much everyone is on the trading block if the right offer comes around…well I think a few teams will be licking their chops after this bit of magic from Bobby Ryan!

1. Mike Ribeiro

The Goal of the Week this week goes to Dallas Stars forward Mike Ribeiro – check out the moves as he breaks the ankles of one defender, flies around his partner and makes Pekka Rinne miss big time! Watch that first deke again – how did he make the guy miss like that?!

Honorable Mention: It’s tough to put a penalty shot ahead of a crazy goal that was scored in open play, but I just can’t leave out the Lars Eller goal from last week!

What the Puck?

Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury reminded us last week that sometimes goalies should just stay in the net!

Do you think Marian Gaborik thought he was on the ODR and they were playing posts for a second there?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kerrzy’s Notebook: Bruins/Canucks Sideshow Continues

Another chapter has been written in the ongoing feud between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks.

On Monday afternoon, the NHL suspended Bruins forward Brad Marchand for five games for a hit on Canucks defenceman Sami Salo in a 4-3 Vancouver win on the weekend. If you didn’t see it – here’s my take on what went down:

As both players skated towards a loose puck, Marchand heads south for a low hit (which isn’t a great idea) and Salo starts to turn away (again, perhaps not a great idea). The latter ends up flipping over the former’s back and landing awkwardly against the boards, suffering a concussion.

The Bruins agitator was given the gate for "clipping" on the play, which is one you don’t hear very often, and will now forfeit over $152,000 while he sits and watches. Here’s the full explanation from the NHL:

I understand that Marchand has a reputation as somewhat of a “dirty” player, but I think the NHL is wrong here. At the very least, we shouldn’t be looking at a five game suspension.

One thing we’ve heard a lot about this season is the question of whether or not a player put himself in a vulnerable position prior to a bad hit. For the most part, we’re talking headshots when we hear that question being asked, but I wonder if it’s worth asking in this case.

Just before contact is made, Salo starts to turn away from Marchand, and because of the way he is facing during the hit, the back of his head slams into the ice before any other part of his body. If the league is taking into account the fact that Salo was injured on the play, they should be considering his positioning as well.

If he doesn’t turn, he probably doesn’t land on his head like that. Then again, maybe his knees bear the brunt of it if, but maybe he throws all of his weight onto Marchand and flattens him.

I don’t understand how this is a five game suspension, on the same day that JF Jacques is given three games for a headshot (his second ban of the year), and a week after Rene Bourque gets five for the most blatant headshot you’ll see all season.

What do you think: Does Brad Marchand deserve five games for his hit on Sami Salo?

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15 Minutes of Fame, we’re looking back on the World Juniors, discussing the NHLPA’s rejection of the league realignment plan, and we’re playing a little game of “Are Guys Getting the Hint” as in pertains to headshots in the NHL.

In the GABBYs: Everton goalie Tim Howard, Habs forward Lars Eller, Randy Cunneyworth and the language debate, Samardo Samuels and West Virginia’s Darwin Cook. The Punchline this week is Rick DiPietro!

See something you think should be a GABBY? You can get a hold of us on Twitter @15MinutesYEG, “Like” us on Facebook or shoot us an email at 15MinutesYEG@gmail.com!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goals of the Week!

Well, 2011 ended with a bang and another round of filthy dangles and sweet snipes taking us into the New Year.

On this edition of the Goals of the Week, we’ve got a nifty backhander, some top corner magic, a couple of solid individual efforts and a passing play for the ages from a team we’re used to seeing it from!

Let’s go!

5. Alexander Semin

Alex Semin makes Marty Biron look like a backup goalie on this one, breaking in all alone and rifling a backhand shot past him with some authority!

4. Michael Ryder

If you’re looking for a guy who will consistently score you highlight reel goals, look no further than Michael Ryder of the Dallas Stars. The guy has been on fire this year, and that continued with this Boxing Day snipe against the Blues!

3. Johan Franzen

Passing plays are nice, but sometimes you just have to do it all yourself – watch as Detroit’s Johan Franzen crosses the blue line and then goes untouched as he puts it into the back of the net!

2. Nick Backstrom

The Washington Capitals have been a bit of an enigma this season, but we got a glance of what we’re used to seeing from them last week on this goal by Nick Backstrom. Semin starts the play and then tees it up for Backstrom as the Caps leave Ryan Miller in no man’s land!

1. John Tavares

The number one goal for this past week is a deadly coast-to-coast effort by NY Islanders forward John Tavares. He picks the puck up in his own end and takes it all the way to the goal line, before cutting in and slotting it past Miikka Kiprusoff.

What the Puck?

This week’s WTP moment comes to us via Ilya Kovalchuk, who drew an assist on a goal by Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward on Boxing Day!

Tough play for Kovalchuk there!

Monday, January 2, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy New Year!

It was 2011 the last time we spoke and much has happened since then! This week on the show we recap the best and worst moments of the year from the world of sports, we talk about Sean Avery getting waived ahead of the Winter Classic, plus we recap the big game. Also: we’ve got a theory about the success of Daniel Alfredsson and the Ottawa Senators and we look at the main event at UFC 141 and tell you which fighter retired after losing.

In the GABBYs: The Green Bay Packers, The NLL’s Philadelphia Wings, Petr Mrazek, Tim Tebow, Yorvit Torrealba and the NHL All-Star voting process. The Punchline this week is basketball player Manny Harris and his strange injury!

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