Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals of the Week!

What a week it was in the NHL last week – there was the outdoor game, there were some big time blowouts and some tight match ups, all of which produced a lot of high quality tape for me to go through!

It took some time, but I managed to narrow it down to five beauty goals from the week that was in the league – this time around we’ve got a sick behind the back pass, a super-efficient power play, a solid breakaway on a legendary netminder, an unreal shorty and some dangles you’ll have to see twice to believe!

Let’s go!

5. Patrick Marleau

Sharks forward Patrick Marleau is the one who bats this puck in, but it’s all about the slick no-look pass by Joe Thornton in front of the Capitals net. Beauty!

4. Dainius Zubrus

This NJ Devils power play looks to be going nowhere in the first few seconds of the video, but after four quick passes, the puck is in the net and Dainius Zubrus is celebrating a sick goal!

3. Patrice Bergeron

Is it just me, or is Patrice Bergeron absolutely money on a breakaway? We’ve seen this move before on the GOTW, but it never gets old – watch him freeze Martin Brodeur with his “bread and butter” dangle.

2. Bobby Ryan

The GM of the Anaheim Ducks recently came out and said that pretty much everyone is on the trading block if the right offer comes around…well I think a few teams will be licking their chops after this bit of magic from Bobby Ryan!

1. Mike Ribeiro

The Goal of the Week this week goes to Dallas Stars forward Mike Ribeiro – check out the moves as he breaks the ankles of one defender, flies around his partner and makes Pekka Rinne miss big time! Watch that first deke again – how did he make the guy miss like that?!

Honorable Mention: It’s tough to put a penalty shot ahead of a crazy goal that was scored in open play, but I just can’t leave out the Lars Eller goal from last week!

What the Puck?

Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury reminded us last week that sometimes goalies should just stay in the net!

Do you think Marian Gaborik thought he was on the ODR and they were playing posts for a second there?

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