Tuesday, February 28, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Tuesday!

This week on a special NHL Trade Deadline edition of 15 Minutes of Fame, we try to pick out the winners and the losers of the big day and do our best to analyze the one trade pulled off by the Edmonton Oilers. We also look at the biggest pre-deadline trade and non-trade, which was Jeff Carter to the LA Kings and Ales Hemsky re-upping with the Oil.

In the GABBYs: Chicago Cubs fans, CC Sabathia, Jeremy Lin, Greg Oden, Rajon Rondo & Tommi Virtanen. The Punchline this week is MMA fighter Dan Lariviere!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Goals of the Week!

Things are heating up around the NHL as the trade deadline approaches, but don’t worry folks – I’ve got a No Movement Clause!

This week on the GOTW, we’ve got a beautiful shorthanded goal from one of the Staal brothers, a monumental goal from a long-time Duck, a strangely awesome overtime winner, a last-second GWG and a wicked breakaway goal from one of the league’s rising stars.

Let’s go!

5. Eric Staal

Carolina Hurricanes captain Eric Staal made the Habs look foolish last week with this shorthanded goal around Tomas Kaberle. He drives right around him, cuts to the net and then jams a slow-roller past Carey Price.

4. Teemu Selanne

Teemu Selanne has since passed Brendan Shanahan on the all-time goals list, but the one that drew him even with Shanny was an absolute beauty. Selanne accepts a nice backhand saucer pass and beats Marc-Andre Fleury with a sweet backhand move.

3. Mike Ribeiro

He’s featured on this list a few times this season, but did you see Mike Ribeiro’s overtime winner against the Flames this past week? He collects the puck by passing his stick to himself behind his own back and then rips a slap shot into the top corner. Beauty!

2. Pavel Datsyuk

The Detroit Red Wings set the NHL record for consecutive home wins this past week, thanks in part to this delightful goal by Pavel Datsyuk. With next to no time left on the clock, he breaks in on Ryan Suter, sends him the wrong way and then rifles a shot into the Nashville net.

1. Steven Stamkos

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos may be the only player with 50 goals in his sights, and it’s thanks to beauty dangles like this one. Watch as Stamkos breaks in and completely dekes out Tomas Vokoun!

What the Puck?

This one is messed up – Dan Boyle skates towards the red line and sends a slap shot towards the Washington net, but teammate Joe Pavelski tips the puck just outside the blue line, totally fooling Braden Holtby!

To be honest, I’m surprised more teams don’t try this little trick play!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Tuesday!

This week on 15 Minutes of Fame we’re discussing some potential trades from around the NHL, Alex Ovechkin’s work ethic and news that former Oiler Mike Comrie is calling it a career. As well, we look at what the Edmonton Eskimos did in the opening days of CFL free agency, what LeBron James said about returning to Cleveland and the circus that surrounded the recent fight between Vitali Klitschko and Dereck Chisora.

In the GABBYs: Teemu Selanne, the Detroit Red Wings, Brad Marchand, the Rochester Knighthawks, Roburt Sallie and Brazilian soccer club XV de Jau. The Punchline this week is the “Piggyback Bandit,” Sherwin Shayegan.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

When Sports Go Viral

The internet certainly is a great time-waster, isn’t it?

Whether you’re trying to get through a long day at school, a long day at work, or just a long day in general, the internet is always there to offer a helping hand, usually in the form of completely random, useless information. In our case though – it’s viral videos!

Here is a glimpse into what is happening in the world of viral sports flicks at the moment:

Let’s start off on the slopes with this stunning video from fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton (via The Nosebleeds) – he got pro snowboarder William Hughes to wear an LED suit and shred some pow late at night!

If I ever got the chance to do something like this, the best part will be watching me tumble!

With all the talk of NY Knicks guard Jeremy Lin recently, did you forget about Tim Tebow? If so, it’s okay because I’ve got you covered! Here’s a (hilarious) video of Tebow reading “Green Eggs and Ham” for Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! program (via Rant Sports)

Onto the hardcourt now, where I’ve got a strange moment from the start of a recent game between the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers. I think KG and Rajon Rondo forgot which sport they were playing for a minute there!

Finally – who doesn’t love a good “Trick Shot” video?

Got a video you’d like to see featured here? Leave me a comment below!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goals of the Week!

There were over 260 goals scored in the 51 games that took place around the NHL last week, but there are only five spots open every week on my GOTW list!

After much deliberation, the list is complete – this week we’ve got a dirty tic-tac-toe, a couple of slick breakaway goals, a beauty move around a veteran blue liner and a defenceman making a whole team look silly for a milestone marker.

Let’s go!

5. Milan Hejduk

There were some pretty nifty passing plays last week, but none was better than this tic-tac-toe by the Colorado Avalanche. The first pass goes across the entire width of the ice, before Paul Stastny hits Milan Hejduk with a one-touch pass for the easy tap-in.

4. Evgeni Malkin

I think it’s safe to say that Pittsburgh Penguins star Evgeni Malkin is easily one of the best players, if not the best player, in the NHL right now, and it’s goals like this one against the Jets that cement that point. He seems to be able to make goalies guess wrong with the greatest of ease!

3. Boyd Gordon

Phoenix Coyotes forward Boyd Gordon put on a show against the Detroit Red Wings last week with this terrific shorthanded goal – he breaks in on Joey Macdonald with the puck on his forehand, he quickly fakes to his backhand, and then he brings it back and slides it home. Sick!

2. Lars Eller

The Toronto Maple Leafs came up way short against the Montreal Canadiens on Mats Sundin’s big night last weekend, but you can’t really blame them when guys like Lars Eller are scoring goals like this one! Watch as Eller drives right past Dion Phaneuf and puts it home for a beauty snipe!

1. Mark Streit

The number one goal of the week comes to us from NY Islanders captain Mark Streit – the defenceman basically skates right through four LA Kings and rips a low backhander into the net for the OT win and the 10,000th goal in Islanders history!

What the Puck?

This week’s WTP moment actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but it’s still funny: Check out the extra baggage that Detroit’s Jan Mursak carried around the ice for an entire shift:

He probably thought someone was right on him that whole time!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SPL's Rangers take on the Tax Man

There’s a storm brewing in Scottish soccer, and it doesn’t look good for one of the country’s oldest clubs.

In a move that sent shockwaves through the soccer world, Glasgow Rangers went into administration on Tuesday, but that may not be the worst of it. The seemingly shady dealings of one half of Glasgow’s “Old Firm” date back to at least 2001 and could even spell the end of the club itself.

At the moment, the damage is minimal – a ten point deduction in the standings, leaving them miles back of league-leaders Celtic in the Scottish Premier League – but liquidation is potentially next on the list, which would mean selling off the team’s assets and starting over as a new business.

So, you might be asking yourself, what happened to get us to this point?

Well, it all seems to revolve around the fine balance between tax avoidance and tax evasion. As the BBC points out, many big companies do their best to pay as little tax as possible, but there is a “fine line between avoidance and evasion.”

Rangers began paying into an Employee Benefit Trust back in 2001, which is legal…depending on how you use it. The simplest definition of how an EBT works is this: a business puts money into a trust and the money is then paid out to the beneficiaries by way of tax-free loans. It’s not usually expected that the loan will be paid back.

One thing you can’t do with an EBT though is use it to pay out money that is guaranteed by a contract, because that would mean the government is missing out on taxing someone’s wages. Let’s face it – the government is never fond of a situation like that, especially when we are talking about the type of money that pro soccer players make!

According to RangersTaxCase.com, the team put about $75-million into its EBT from 2001-2010 and there’s a paper trail that proves the money went towards “contractual payments.” That case is currently before a tribunal and could wind up costing the team $117-million.

Uh oh!

That’s not their only problem though – the Daily Mail reports the team was forced into administration on Valentines Day over its failure to pay about $14-million worth of tax debts that have piled up since Craig Whyte’s purchase of the team less than a year ago.

The team filed its intent to enter administration on Tuesday morning with a deadline of ten days to avoid the move, but Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs won a bid to speed up the process and it was complete by that afternoon.

What does it all mean?

It means that a club with 140 years worth of history may have to start from scratch, all because they (allegedly, pending the findings of that tribunal) decided not to play by the same rules that everyone else – from their fellow teams, right down to the non-football fans – are forced to abide by.

Now, this next question may only end up rubbing salt in the wound of Rangers supporters, but it has to be asked:

If a team is found to have gained a competitive advantage by breaking the law and paying its players tax-free over a span of ten years, should the achievements reached during that time be brought into question?

Since 2001, Rangers have won five domestic titles (by no more than six points, or two wins), four Scottish Cups and six Scottish League Cups. If they effectively cheated their way through each of those seasons, shouldn’t the powers that be consider amending history a bit?

It’s not like in baseball, where people might say that a championship should have an asterisk next to it in the record books because a player on the winning team was taking steroids at the time. This would be more along the lines of seeing a team win the Stanley Cup five times in ten years and lose in the final every other year, only to later find out that they had been spending way beyond the NHL’s salary cap without penalty in each of those seasons. Fans of other teams would be upset, those other teams would be angry and the league would be livid.

The only difference here is that we’re not talking about a salary cap. We’re talking about a team not paying its taxes, which is serious business.

What do you think: Should Rangers be stripped of the trophies won since 2001 if they’re found to have been cheating?

Monday, February 13, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15MOF, we’re talking coaching injuries in the NHL and long goal droughts (Scott Goalmez!), the NBA’s Tim Tebow and we discuss whether or not we will ever see the “super fight” between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao!

In the GABBYs: Paul Pierce & Kobe Bryant, Tomas Holmstrom & Nick Lidstrom, the Penticton Vees, Gisele Bundchen, Kevin Love and Tiquan Underwood. The Punchline this week is soccer player Adriano!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Scott Goalmez

It was a long time coming, but Scott Gomez finally did it!

For the first time since February 5th, 2011, the Montreal Canadiens centre used the forward momentum of his hockey stick to direct the puck past the goaltender of an opposing NHL team, between the three red bars and into the net, a feat normally referred to in sports as a “goal.”

The Anchorage, Alaska, native went 54 game between goals (or 61 games if you count last year’s playoff loss to the Bruins) and had become the butt of many a joke in Montreal, where fans became so impatient with his lack of production that they actually celebrated the one-year anniversary of the last time he bulged the twine. Someone even launched a website to track his progress called “Did Gomez Score?


As you can see, the site has been updated! Here’s why:

No celebration? The guy looks like he’s so fed up with scoring game-winning goals that he can’t be bothered!

What do you think: Now that Gomez is once again earning his $7.5-million salary, who will Habs fans pick on next?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goals of the Week!

Another week has come and gone in the NHL, which means it’s once again time to count down the best of the best from around the league.

This week on the GOTW we’ve got a unusual looking penalty shot, a couple of bruising power forwards showing off some soft hands, a spin-o-rama overtime winner and a great breakaway dangle.

Let’s go!

5. Alexander Semin

It’s not everyday that you see a guy try a clapper on a penalty shot, but Washington Capitals forward Alex Semin did it to perfection this past week. The crazy part is that he winds up at the hash marks and puts it right into the top corner!

4. Milan Lucic

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic is a very special blend of player – he’s got size, he’s gritty and mean, and he can also light the lamp. Check out the patience he shows on this nifty goal against the Washington Capitals.

3. Mark Eaton

He’s not known for scoring goals, but Mark Eaton scored a beauty against the Ottawa Senators last week. The Islanders defenceman takes a pass down the right side and puts a spinning shot into the Sens net for the OT winner!

2. Brayden Schenn

Philadelphia Flyers forward Brayden Schenn checks in at number two this week, scoring a beautiful breakaway goal in a game against the Rangers. Fresh out of the penalty box, Schenn gets on the end of a long pass and undresses Henrik Lundqvist, putting a backhander top shelf.

1. Todd Bertuzzi

It’s no secret that Detroit Red Wings forward Todd Bertuzzi has some nice hands, but he stepped his game up last week against the Edmonton Oilers. Bertuzzi took a pass from Henrik Zetterberg, made Andy Sutton miss in a big way and then rifled a shot upstairs on Devan Dubnyk for the Goal of the Week!

What the Puck?

This week’s WTP moment comes to us from the stick of Dennis Seidenberg, who scored on Ottawa Senators goalie Craig Anderson from so far out, he had to pay shipping and handling:

Do you know what the best part is? That was the game-winner!

Monday, February 6, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

Happy Monday!

This week on 15 Minutes of Fame, we recap Super Bowl XLVI between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots, we take a look back at Sam Gagner’s eight-point night against the Blackhawks and we try to figure out if the Edmonton Oilers still have a shot at the playoffs, and who might not be on the team when the trade deadline hits.

In the GABBYs: NHL milestones, Shaun White, Rubellos, Zimbabwe soccer, John Foley and Alex Radulov. The Punchline this week is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gagner & Gretzky?

History was made at Rexall Place on Thursday night.

To say that Edmonton Oilers forward Sam Gagner joined some elite company with his performance in an 8-4 win over the Chicago Blackhawks is quite possibly the understatement of the century. With a four goal, four assist night, Gagner becomes just the third Oiler ever, behind the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey, to rack up eight points in a single game.

Eight points!

Not only did he Gagner have one of the best offensive nights in the long history of the NHL, but the Oilers battled back from down 2-0 to blast a team that had a 22-point lead on them in the Western Conference standings coming into the game.

There was a lot to celebrate for the Oilers in this one – a 43-save night for Devan Dubnyk, Jordan Eberle scoring his 20th of the year, Ryan Whitney netting his first and Cam Barker putting one in after being out since November with an ankle injury. But seriously – eight points?!

As Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski points out, Mario Lemieux had the last regular season and playoff eight-point night, which includes that amazing “five goals, five ways” game. If this one wasn’t memorable enough for Gagner though, have a listen to who the Three Stars were:

When you were daydreaming in August about what this team might look like offensively, is this the type of thing you pictured? A young, talented, speedy club that could run and gun with the league’s elite?

Play it again, Sam!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Sports Go Viral

Boy, how the time flies – another week has come and gone in the world of sports, which means there’s another fresh batch of viral greatness ready for its close up!

This week, we’ve got a dunk that ended a guy’s (Twitter) career, some magic from LeBron James, a ridiculous own goal and a couple of leaked Super Bowl commercials!

Let’s begin with some action from the NBA – check this video of LA Clippers forward Blake Griffin posterizing Oklahoma City’s Kendrick Perkins:

Perkins was dunked on so hard that his Twitter account got deleted!

Speaking of mega-hops, did you see the massive one-handed alley-oop by LeBron James this week?

Don’t get swayed by these sweet dunks though folks – not every highlight is a good highlight! Just ask goalie Karri Ramo!

If you don’t like football, chances are you’ll be watching the Super Bowl this weekend for the commercials…but if you’re busy on Sunday, I’ve got your back!

Here is the much-anticipated Ferris Bueller remake from Honda:

And finally, an Acura Super Bowl commercial starring Jerry Seinfeld:

Got a viral video you’d like to see featured here? Leave me a comment below!