Friday, February 10, 2012

Scott Goalmez

It was a long time coming, but Scott Gomez finally did it!

For the first time since February 5th, 2011, the Montreal Canadiens centre used the forward momentum of his hockey stick to direct the puck past the goaltender of an opposing NHL team, between the three red bars and into the net, a feat normally referred to in sports as a “goal.”

The Anchorage, Alaska, native went 54 game between goals (or 61 games if you count last year’s playoff loss to the Bruins) and had become the butt of many a joke in Montreal, where fans became so impatient with his lack of production that they actually celebrated the one-year anniversary of the last time he bulged the twine. Someone even launched a website to track his progress called “Did Gomez Score?


As you can see, the site has been updated! Here’s why:

No celebration? The guy looks like he’s so fed up with scoring game-winning goals that he can’t be bothered!

What do you think: Now that Gomez is once again earning his $7.5-million salary, who will Habs fans pick on next?

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