Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goals of the Week!

Well folks, another week of NHL has come and gone, which means another week’s worth of potential Goals of the Week candidates!

This week on the GOTW we’ve got some magic from a guy who used to do it all the time, a beauty Avalanche, some sick hands from an Edmonton kid, a “welcome back” dangle and a bit of coast-to-coast action!

Let’s go!

5. Alex Edler

Anytime a guy takes the puck from behind his own net and is able to cash at the other end of the ice, it’s a thing of beauty. Check out this goal by Vancouver’s Alex Edler last week!

4. Matt Hunwick

Colorado’s Matt Hunwick is a guy you might not expect to see too often on this list, but how can you ignore the type of dangles he put on display recently? What a goal!

3. Ryan Shannon

Tampa Bay’s Ryan Shannon gave Marty Turco a bit of a “welcome back” present last week, dangling him right back to Austria with a nifty breakaway move!

2. Tyler Ennis

He doesn’t score often, but when he does, it’s usually the result of a solid play! Check out the hands on Tyler Ennis, who checks in at number two on this week’s list!

1. Alex Ovechkin

The Great 8 is making a late push for the Washington Capitals and just filling the net on a nightly basis recently. That includes this beauty against the Blackhawks where Alex Ovechkin totally undresses Duncan Keith!

What the Puck?

In the game of hockey there are three types of luck – there’s good luck, there’s bad luck, and then there’s this:

What a tough break!

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