Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When Sports Go Viral

It’s been a while since we’ve delved into the world of fantastic sports videos on the internet, but don’t worry – When Sports Go Viral is back!

This time around we’ve got some hilarious stuff from the NBA, a pretty funny blooper from some NCAA track and field action, and an instructional video about how to get fired from your post as the manager of a professional soccer club!

Let’s start out with the NBA, where model Kate Upton has teamed up with the Oklahoma City Thunder for “Take a Supermodel to Work” day.

Moving right along – BYU senior Katy Andrews is a little more well known this week, after a pretty terrific wipeout during the Robison Invitational last Saturday.

It happened during the 3,000 meter steeplechase event – Andrews comes flying towards the “water jump” and doesn’t quite make it!

To her credit, she uploaded the video to YouTube herself, while her school provided another angle . Andrews says she doesn’t remember smacking the barrier and left the race with a cut on her head and a big bruise on her thigh. Ouch!

Finally - this is how you get fired from your post as the manager of a Serie A club:

Unhappy about being subbed off, Fiorentina player Adem Ljajic gave a sarcastic hand clap in his manager’s direction, and Delio Rossi absolutely lost the plot and attacked him.

The team’s president fired Rossi immediately after the game. What a bizarre turn of events!

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